Got to meet and hang w/ Todd Smallie!!

Not too much more to this post other than that! I was lucky enough to get to play w/ Freddy & Francine during a run opening for JJ Grey & Mofro this past month. I’d heard of JJ before but never heard them live so I was pumped to get to listen for a few nights in a row. Lee (of FF) expounded a couple times about how great (and nice!) the bass player Todd was. During the first night, I was pleasantly surprised to recognize not just any Todd – It was TODD SMALLIE on the P-bass! Big deal for me! I’d seen Todd perform with Derek Trucks Band countless times in middle and high school and it was a trip to see him live again! The music he made with Derek, Kofi Burbridge, Yonrico Scott, Mike Mattison and Count M’Butu moved me so much as a teen! It’s true (and I told Todd this…) that I grew my hair long bc of Derek Trucks Band. More importantly, I wanted to make music like that!! He’s still killin w JJ too of course! – Thanks to Freddy and Francine for making it possible.

Still got my ticket from a ’04 show in Harrisburg PA// Below is a tape of the show⤵️
Another band circa 2004… I wanted to jam like Todd so badly hahaha

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