May Day Releases!

Happy May Day all!!! Theres a lot of new music out today- here’s some I had the pleasure of playing bass on! Freddy and Francine are putting out singles we recorded in Nashville last November. The record is called I Am Afraid to Die! Click the images below and follow the links to listen to the singles and pre-order the record (VINYL too!). This is some intoxicating poppy goodness for ya, don’t sleep on it!

Also I  had the privilege of recording with my friend Ross Bellenoit back in  June 2018. In the mean time we’ve toured with twice with The Sweetback Sisters and I moved in next door!?! True story. The recordings are finally coming out tomorrow on a release called Where Does the Light Go? Click the photo below to check that out.

I have been holding tight during the pandemic mostly pouring energy into writing music and collaborating remotely via my home studio. These uncertain times are stressful for all including musicians and artists. I’ve already had a tour with Joe Pug cancelled in April and many local dates cancelled or postponed. This summer is quickly hollowing out as the pandemic continues to sow uncertainty for the future. I have found that there are a lot of resources keeping people like me afloat though! Thanks to MusicCares for their COVID relief grant. A great way to support artists in this time is buy their music! A lot of people are conscious of how little streaming services pay the artists that are the bedrock of their “service”. I urge you all to try and buy directly from the artists when possible ala Bandcamp or directly from their websites like the music above. Also many artists are doing live-streaming from social media platforms which often offer links to send money through Paypal or Venmo. Please be generous if you can.
Zooming out a bit to the larger picture it is clear to me that so many of the essential workers keeping us afloat right now (Grocers, Walmart/ Amazon, Delivery workers, Food service workers ect. ) are paid so little and often disregarded as replaceable or disposable. They are on the front lines right now sacrificing their health and wellness for us to be okay. Let’s honor them today on May Day and everyday forward by fighting for a living wage for all! I wish you all love and health.

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